2023 big view large filter lens automatic dimming welding helmet

$ 29.00
Model GV-000153
Pack 20pcs/carton


4 Arc sensor automatic dimming welding helmet with large view



Premium All-Function Welding Helmet Series

A good welding helmet is one of the most important pieces of P.P.E (personal protective equipment) a welder must wear. It protects the user eyes and skin form sparks as well as the ultraviolet and infrared light which is cast during the welding process. An auto tinting welding helmet blends the best in protection with the ease of hands-free use. Auto tinting helmets use a photosensitive filter to “tint” the viewing area to a pre-set shade automatically before the light hits the user’s eye. When the weld is completed the viewing area “un-tints”, allowing the user to see his results without lifting the mask. Using a high-quality auto tinting helmet increases the detection time, thus protecting the user better. What makes a high-quality helmet
  • The detection time (tinting speed) must be at least 1/20,000 of a second to ensure the eyes are protected properly.

  • Multiple photo sensitive sensors increase the efficiency of the helmet and provides better protection.

  • Multiple shade settings so the same helmet can be used for all welding processes in a variety of light conditions.

  • Large viewing area for ease of use in confined areas.

  • Light weight design to reduce neck fatigue during prolonged use.

  • Batteries which can be easily changed and are commonly available.