Flip up welding glasses

$ 4.50
Model GV-002
Pack 40pcs/carton

* ➤Quality: Soft PVC opaque green frame, ABS material. High quality welding goggles to protect your safety.
* ➤Comfortability: The frame has 6 black venting holes, which are then fixed by elastic bands. It is easy to wear and can be worn by people wearing myopia glasses.
* ➤Specs: The lens has three layers, the inner and outer layers are 1.0 x 50 mm PC transparent lenses, and the middle layer is 2.0 x 50 mm green lenses. 6 Air Breathing Vents.
* ➤Design: The Welding Goggles with Easy Flip-up Dark Shade and Air Vents, Straps around your head with the adjustable Fitting Band, Sealing the eyes and providing you with great protection while welding and cutting metals.
* ➤USES: Use it when Oxygen-Acetylene Welding, Torching, Soldering, Brazing, Metal Cutting or Sandblasting and all type of industrial work, effectively avoiding the possibility of potential damage to the eyes in all activities.