Flip up full protection goggles

$ 4.50
Model GV-0008
Pack 60pcs/carton


[ Material ]

This solar auto darkening welding goggle is made of high quality PP + ABS material, sturdy and durable to use,Designed with imported soft rubber, very comfortable to wear for long time.

[ Detial ]

Provides 99.9Percent UV IR protection and meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards,Automatic dimming, switching time from light to dark: 1/10000s, high-sensitivity probes work efficiently.   3 to 11 shade, 100% reflection of all UV and IR.

[ Design ]

Welding goggles is Variable light screen (with liquid crystal filter) design, when there is light, the lens will automatically darken instantly, protect the eyes, when the arc disappears, the lens will automatically return to transparency with superior impact resistance, the use of more secure and assured.

[ Function ]

Welding goggles also features anti-ultraviolet, infrared radiation, anti-glare, can well protect your eyes during works,Applicable to gas welding, steel welding, cutting, welding and so on.