Heat flame resistant heavey duty split cowhide leather welding jacket welder coat for men women

$ 28.00
Model GV-0001165
Pack 200pcs/carton

No welding equipment is complete without a durable welding jacket. You can effectively counteract high heat, weld spatter and sparks with this protective clothing, and it will also keep you safe from burns and UV rays.


- Made from high quality cow split leather

- Heat and tear-resistant synthetic fibre seams

- Popper and Velcro fastened jacket for easy secure fit

- Adjustable popper fastened sleeves to cater for all arm lengths

- Velcro fastened collar

- Two inner pockets and one outer pockets on the sleeve

- Jacket chest size available: 44" and 48" (You choose)

- Long length hem and sleeves will fit all heights

- Jacket weight: 2.3kg

- Jacket colour: Black